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Yahoo Smart TV – How to Access and Use Yahoo Smart TV

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Yahoo smart TV was initially known as Yahoo! Connected TV, this is a smart TV feature developed by Yahoo. This program was officially announced at the Intel developer’s forum on August twentieth, 2008 in San Francisco. Yahoo started porting the Konfabulator widget engine to an embedded Linux platform in 2007. As a part of a joint assignment with Intel company that led to a statement of the widget channel in August 2008.


The feature called yahoo smart TV has been added to TVs from the manufacturers of leading consumer electronics. This is to turn their products (television set) to smart TV since the year 2009. Nowadays many people, millions of people use this medium to browse the internet, download even invokes different applications from top content and top media companies.

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 Manufacturers That Include the Yahoo Smart TV Platform into Their Products Are As Follows;

  • AOC, which started since 2012
  • Haier, which started since 2012
  • HiSense, which started since 2011
  • LG started in 2009 and closed the program down in 2010
  • Samsung also started in 2009 and unfortunately shut it down in 2011, that’s one more year after LG shut the same program down
  • Sony started with this program in 2009 and also shut down in 2012
  • Toshiba started on Yahoo TV program in 2010 and also ended in 2011
  • Vizio started on this program in 2009 and is still in the program up till date

You do not need to be an active Yahoo account owner. For you to be eligible to use the yahoo smart TV feature. The developers of this program called Yahoo smart TV will be able to sell their applications. Or software’s within the range of o.99 dollars to ninety-nine dollars on the deal that Yahoo claims thirty percent of the sales price. This developing program is only available to citizens in the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Germany, Canada, France, Sweden, and Sweden. But not for long because Yahoo plans to expand the program to other countries.

The good thing about Yahoo smart TV is that once you are signed-in to yahoo, you are not routinely signed-out once the television app is closed. You can sign-in and signal-out of the yahoo account related to personal profiles in the settings menu. You must know that the yahoo smart TV app automatically searches for updates online. Yahoo can also help you maximize your experience by receiving pieces of information such as your IP address, and other important pieces of information.

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