Yahoo Mail Latest Update

Yahoo Mail Latest Update – Features of the New Update

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Yahoo mail is now out with the latest update and that is why we are talking about yahoo mail latest update in this article. The yahoo mail latest update has a lot of features. This update was done on the yahoo mail application. If you do not have the latest version then you are missing a lot.  This app comes with a lot of features that you cannot find on the old version of the app. Of course, this is the main purpose of the update. Let us take a broad look at some of the features on the yahoo mail latest app.

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Features of The yahoo Mail Latest Application

These features may be very easy to find while some of them may easily be visible. Here are some of the features.

Fixing of Bugs

From my experience and from the yahoo corporation, this app automatically fixes bugs periodically. This is done to enhance the functionality of the app. This makes the app respond to navigation and movements easily.

Automatic Update

The new version of the yahoo mail app also comes with an auto update feature. This allows the app to update itself when it is out of date. This app relies on the google pay store for its updates. Therefore, if you do not have google play store running on your device, the auto update function will not work for you. But you can also do manual update whenever you feel like. The auto update feature can also be turned off from the app settings.

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Quick Search

The latest version of the yahoo mail app lets you to easily browse through your messages using the search bar provided.

Theme Selection

The new yahoo mail app lets you customize your view, and select the theme that suits your mood or style. The theme selection give you a sense of not using that dull old version mail.


You can also make use of the latest yahoo mail app to get creative and make your mails stand out from others. This app allows you to customize your mails by adding animated GIFs and images.

You should also know that there are many more features of the yahoo mail application which I cannot list here because it would be too lengthy. This app is also optimized for use with the famous talkback.

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How to Get The Latest Yahoo Mail App

The latest yahoo mail app can easily be downloaded from the google play store or iOS app. If you do not have any of these stores, you can download it from an external server following this URL (

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