WhatsApp Web – Whatsapp Web Download - Whatsapp Web On iPhone

WhatsApp Web – Whatsapp Web Download | Whatsapp Web On iPhone

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Hey, what’s up guys and welcome to his post on WhatsApp web. which is the new hot cake in town. Facebook-owned WhatsApp is still making headways and still top of the instant messaging apps till date. And they are constantly rolling out lots of features to enable their stay at the top spot. I don’t see them giving up anytime soon. after all, Facebook is still at the top of the Social Media platform. In this post, WhatsApp web, we would look at what it, how to use it, the criteria to use it and finally how to create a WhatsApp account if you do not have one. So follow me closely as we go right ahead and jump into this post.


WhatsApp Web

Like the name implies it is the web version of the WhatsApp application. This is to give users the option of using a web browser to carry out activities that can be done on their normal WhatsApp application on a mobile phone. because the web has to do with websites and web browsers, therefore, you can just even log onto the WhatsApp web site sync your WhatsApp account and start using WhatsApp on a desktop without having to touch your phone.


I can see so much importance and the reasons why WhatsApp released this web version in the first place. Some of the importance are listed below.

  • If you are charging your phone and you’re working on your computer. And you still want to use WhatsApp it is now made possible. As you can just log in on it and start using WhatsApp without having to touch your phone. Or operate your phone and your computer at the same time.
  • In the case where someone is using your phone and there’s a message you want to reply and you already have it running on your browser, you can easily reply to the message from your browser.
  • If you are in the office and you can’t be seen pressing your phone you can easily switch over two WhatsApp web carry out your WhatsApp activities without having to touch your phone.
  • It gives you a wider bigger and clearer view as your computer screen is bigger than that of your mobile device.

Above are some of the importance or reasons why I think WhatsApp introduced the web version.

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Criteria to use WhatsApp web

No matter how interesting it is to use it, there are certain criteria that should be met before one can use this web version of WhatsApp. These criteria are listed below;

  • You must have WhatsApp installed on your mobile device and an account signed in.
  • There must be an internet connection on both your PC and your mobile device.
  • and finally you much have a web browser installed on your computer.

Yeah, there you have it those are the three criteria that are necessary for you to successfully use the version of the WhatsApp platform.

How to use WhatsApp web

Here comes the real deal and what you have been waiting for. To use it on your computer follow the below steps exactly as you see them.

  • Using your computer visit link web.whatsapp.com
  • On your device open your WhatsApp.
  • Now tap the three dots at the top right side of the WhatsApp screen.
  • Scroll down and hit on WhatsApp web.
  • Focus the camera of your device on the QR code on the computer. screen and allowed to scan.

After the scanning has been completed successfully, the WhatsApp on the desktop will load a replica of exactly the WhatsApp on your mobile device. and you can continue chatting from there because all your previous messages everything will be on there. Note that for the chats to work or for the code to scan successfully and start working. your mobile device and your computer must be connected to the internet. If your mobile device disconnects from the internet WhatsApp on the computer will stop.

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WhatsApp web on iPhone

You must all know by now that this involves a phone and a computer hence the web. So if you want to pair your iPhone to your computer to use WhatsApp then carry out the procedure below.

  • First thing first, enter the visit web.whatsapp.com link on your computer.
  • Now on your iPhone open WhatsApp and tap on Settings.
  • Then when the settings are opened tap on WhatsApp web.
  • The next step is to scan the QT code showing on your computer screen with your iPhone and you are done.

When that is done your computer screen will load and show the messages from your phone. However, you can decide to download it the WhatsApp web to your computer. to do that follow this link.

How to create a WhatsApp account

Like I mentioned earlier you must have a WhatsApp account for you to use the WhatsApp web. So to create a WhatsApp account follow the procedure below.

  • Open your app store or play store.
  • Type ‘WhatsApp’ on the search bar. When the result comes out tap on WhatsApp messenger.
  • On IOS tap on Get and Install while on Android tap on Install and Accept.
  • After the app is downloaded, open it.
  • Tap on Agree and Continue
  • Now tap Continue again
  • Check allow on the two boxes you will see next to Grant WhatsApp access
  • Type your number and click on Ok
  • Enter the verification code you received and tap on Next and you are done.

After doing all that, your WhatsApp account is created what you do next is to set up your profile and start using WhatsApp platform

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The WhatsApp web is a great feature or addition to the WhatsApp platform. I see many usefulness and importance of this addition. its benefits are not only for phone as far as you use a computer and a mobile device. The issue of chatting on WhatsApp while typing on your computer is solved forever as you do not need reply messages using your phone WhatsApp as we have seen on this post. Simply log in on the WhatsApp web and use your computer for both the typing and the chatting.

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