WhatsApp App Download Process – What Apps Messenger Download – WhatsApp for Android, iOS, & PC

WhatsApp App Download Process – What Apps Messenger Download – WhatsApp for Android, iOS, & PC

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WhatsApp App Download Process – What Apps Messenger Download – WhatsApp for Android, iOS, & PC: The WhatsApp messenger is the best instant messaging app as of now, Owned by Facebook it is not letting down anytime soon. So it is very necessary to own a WhatsApp account because the WhatsApp platform like I said earlier is a cross messaging platform. Where you can chat with users of iOS and Android devices at the same time. Make sure to go through the following process written below on how to download and setup WhatsApp on your device.

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Facebook-owned WhatsApp is still at the number one spot of instant messaging apps today. That is why on this post, we would be talking about the WhatsApp app download. Simply put how to download the WhatsApp application, it’s basically the same thing you are saying. so if you do not know how you can download the WhatsApp application, or you simply just want to know more we got you covered. We are going to look at how to download the WhatsApp application for both Android and iOS devices. If that is what you’re looking for then stay tuned on this post.

WhatsApp the number one instant messaging app that was purchased by Facebook is still doing well today. With over a billion monthly users. WhatsApp has a strong customer base. WhatsApp is a free cross-platform messaging app that lets users from different platforms chat with each other on the WhatsApp application. Users from different platforms can chat with each other, send pictures, videos, voice messages, and video calls.

Brian Acton and Jon koum founded WhatsApp in the year 2009. And Facebook acquired the platform from them in 2014 and then they launched their first client app. Which saw over half a billion users monthly. From their WhatsApp platform did not remain the same. As it has been getting regular improvement and update till today.

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WhatsApp App Download Requirement

The requirement to use the WhatsApp application, are the necessary things you must have or do in order for you to use the WhatsApp application. without doing these things or having them you can’t use WhatsApp.

All the criteria for using the WhatsApp applications are listed below.

  1. You must have a WhatsApp account
  2. You must have the app
  3. There must be an internet connection
  4. And you must have a phone number in order to create an account finally, you must have some senses.
  5. Now let’s go ahead and jump right in on the WhatsApp app download. which I know is what you have been waiting for on this post.
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The WhatsApp application like I said earlier is a cross-platform messaging app. Therefore it is available on both iOS and Android devices and also on desktop. The process of downloading them is similar why the setup process is the same. However, we are going to talk about them hand-in-hand

  1. On Android open the play store why on IOS open the app store
  2. Now on the search bar type and search for ‘WhatsApp messenger’ on both Android and iOS
  3. When the result is out tap on WhatsApp messenger to reveal download environment
  4. On Android tap on Install and Accept, while on IOS tap on Get and Install.

WhatsApp app download Another method Guideline

This method involves going through the WhatsApp site to download the app. the below steps shows how to do that. This process will also let you download the latest WhatsApp update. also, you can you this method to download WhatsApp for pc

  1. Open www.whatsapp.com on your computer
  2. At the top right side of the page click on Download
  3. Now for Android click on Android while for iOS click on the iOS platform
  4. Now click on Download Now while for pc click Download for windows 64bit or Download for Mac OS X 10.9 and higher
  5. Once you have done that, the app will begin to download on your phone. now note that anything required for you to do in order for you to download the app please do so as the case may be.
  6. After downloading the WhatsApp the next thing to do is to set it up.
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How to Create a WhatsApp account

Now even if you already have a WhatsApp account, or you don’t. the process of setting up an account for a new WhatsApp you just downloaded is basically the same with setting up an old account. Follow the process to create or set up an old account or a new WhatsApp account. Setting up a WhatsApp account also means WhatsApp sign up for those that don’t have one. or Whatsapp sign in for those that already have one.

  1. Open the app, now if you choose to restore your previous chat for those that already use WhatsApp before you can tap on Restore.
  2. However, if you do not want to restore or you don’t own an account, just tap on Agree and Continue
  3. Tap on Continue again
  4. Now tick allow on both boxes to give WhatsApp access to your phone
  5. Type your phone number and tap on ok
  6. When the verification code is sent to you WhatsApp should automatically detect it or else manually input the verification code on the WhatsApp
  7. Tap on Next and you are done. That is all.
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