Shell: Royal Dutch Shell Multinational Oil And Gas Company

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Shell is one of the largest and widest global group of petrochemical companies that is geared towards the meeting of the world’s aggravating need for cleaner energy solutions in ways that are great economic, environmental, and socially okay.



The shell operations are dichotomized into businesses which is an inclusion of Upstream, Integrated Gas and Renewables and Energy Solutions (formerly New Energies), and Downstream. Their upstream organization sees to the management of the exploration and extraction of crude oil, natural gas and liquids, and much more.

The companies integrated Gas organization also sees to the management of their liquefied natural gas and the production of gas to liquids fuels and other essential products. The shell company is concerned about renewable and energy solutions in order to meet the increasing energy solutions of their customers.

These solutions are inclusion of hydrogen power from renewable and low carbon sources. And these include wind solar and natural gas. Their downstream organization serves more than 30 million customers at 46,000 retail service stations every day.

Their projects and technology organization sees to the management of their projects. And drives research and innovation to develop new technology solutions. And they are also responsible for providing functional leadership across Shell in the areas of safety and the environment. Also, contracting and procurement, wells activities, and greenhouse gas management. As we progress in this article we would be giving more explanation on what shell company entails.

Which Country Owns Shell?

The shell oil company is a United States-based company. Which is a fully owned subsidiary of Royal Dutch shell, a transnational corporation oil major of Anglo-Dutch origins. This is among one of the biggest and largest oil companies in the world

What Are The Disadvantages Of Shell In Nigeria?

As important as having an oil company as the shell company may be. There are still some disadvantages it may later incur. For those that are concerned about the effect or disadvantages of the shell company in Nigeria, here are some of the effects

  1. Tankers transport oil to the USA and Europe where it is refined – profits go abroad not the host country.
  2. Can exploit the low wage economy and avoid paying local or even full taxes.
  3. Many oil spills – 9billion barrels worth since 1958 which damaged the Niger Delta environment plus fisheries.

What Has Shell Done In Nigeria?

Now apart from looking at the side effects of the shell company in Nigeria, it is also expedient for us to know the benefits of having the shell company in Nigeria.

The shell company has been active in Nigeria since 1937. Shell companies and investments have played a long role in onshore, shallow, and deepwater oil exploration and production. Shell has also been at the forefront of gas development. And in the process, producing and delivering gas to domestic consumers and export markets for over 40 years.

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Is Shell Recruiting Now?

For those looking for a job at Shell, the Shell recruitment for 2021 is currently ongoing. You can visit or click on the provided link as it would provide information on the Shell recruitment portal at

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