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You may have heard of the Facebook marketplace and have been thinking of How to Post on Facebook Marketplace From A Business Page. If you have been a regular Facebook user, you should know that Facebook is a marketing hub. With its influence and large audience, businesses have seen it as a great medium to promote and market their business. Facebook has made this possible for business owners in several different mediums. You can market and promote your business through the Facebook marketplace, Facebook business page, and other mediums.

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Post on Facebook Marketplace From A Business Page

Since the business page is also a way to promote your business, some people have been searching for ways to access the marketplace through their business pages. Well, before I move on to the main steps on How to Post on Facebook Marketplace From A Business Page, let us see what a Facebook marketplace is all about.

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What is Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook marketplace is a location on Facebook where people can buy and sell. This marketplace is a feature on the Facebook site, which can be used to sell out your products and services. It is also right for people who need amazing products to buy.

This marketplace, which is currently used by millions of people has been a great way for people to promote and market their business sales. How? Here, you can get your goods and products down to a large number of audiences out there. You can get your business down to the thousands of people in your location. You will definitely attract potential customers who may be interested in what you have to offer.

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Where Is Facebook Marketplace?

This Facebook marketplace is located right inside the Facebook site. Through the main Facebook app or Facebook website, you can find and access the marketplace on Facebook. How? It is compatible with Android and IOS phones, and Computer devices.

However, not everyone is able to find and gain access to this marketplace at the moment. It is currently available in 85 countries. Facebook users who do not reside within any of these locations cannot find and access the marketplace on the Facebook app.

On your Android phone, you can find the marketplace as a small shop at the top of your Facebook homepage. For IOS phones, the small shop icon is at the top of your Facebook homepage. Using your Computer device, you will find the Marketplace written on the left side of the Facebook homepage.

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How to Post on Facebook Marketplace From A Business Page

Now, here’s what you need to know. The Facebook marketplace and the Facebook business page are different things. Although they are used to promote your business on Facebook, they cannot be used together. So, if you have been thinking on How to Post on Facebook Marketplace From A Business Page, there is no way to do that. However, I will be listing the steps on how to post your products on sale to the marketplace. Any buyer who is interested in your products will contact you on Facebook.

  • Find and access the Facebook marketplace.
  • In the marketplace, tap on Sell.
  • Set your location, if you are asked to do so.
  • Select the category of the product you want to sell
  • Fill in the details of the product, which also includes the photos of the product.
  • Once you are done, tap on Post.

Your product(s) will be made live and visible to other marketplace users in your location.

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