Most Popular Website in South Africa

Most Popular Websites in South Africa According to Alexa

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10 Most Popular Website in South Africa; what comes to mind when you see this. In the past days, international websites might have gotten the best of Africa.

But now most Africans are making switch such as South Africans. South Africans are currently visiting their local websites more often than they use the international ones.


With that said, there are actually some top 10 most popular websites in South Africa that I will be listed below.

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10 Most Popular Website in South Africa – What are the Most Visited Sites?

If you’re wondering what are the top most visited websites in South African, you are on the right blog. According to Alexa’s ranking, here they are;


These are the most popular websites in South Africa according to Alexa’s ranking

This website is ranked at a position of 7 in SA and 1,245 globally. The site is most visited by South Africans, also the US, India, UK, and others from across the world.

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This site is among one of the most visited online news providers in SA and Africa as well. News24 has been providing 24 hours of news coverage for both locals and international happenings. It is a very reliable source of news in Africa. is at a position of 8 and 1, 246 globally.

This is an online site that connects sellers and buyers in South Africa. Bidorbuy allows users to trade anything by selling the item directly to the buyer or auctioning it. It is at position 9 locally and 1,7779 globally.

It is known as First Rand Bank. Fnb is a commercial bank website that provides banking services to more than 7.2 SA customers. The site is visited by a large number of the individual ranging from students to adults in both genders. It is locally positioned at 10 and then 1,875 globally.

The website is owned and operated by the Standard Bank of South  Africa. It was credited as the second most visited banking website in South Africa after 90% of the site visitors are from SA, 2.0% from Mozambique. Then the rest from other parts. It is ranked 10th in South Africa and 2,820 globally.

Absa is owned by one of the biggest private and commercial banks in South Africa, ABSA. The bank offers users a wide range of banking services such as internet banking. Internet banking offered on the site accounts for the bulk of visitors on the website. The site is globally ranked or positioned at 3,489 and then locally on the 20th.

This website is used generally for selling or advertising products and services. It is one of the biggest online classified sites in South Africa presently. It is ranked at 21 locally and at 3,943 globally. has more visitors from South Africa.

This is the largest website that propagates a large range of global news right from South Africa. The news ranges from sports, business, motoring, and classified. iol is ranked at a position of 3,150 and 23 in South Africa.

This is a South Africa based site that actually relays information concerning different types of internet connection SA. the site accumulates about 6,277 on an average. It is ranked globally at 4,096 and then 25 locally.

The largest job website in SA. Careers24 is ranked 49 locally and 10, 373 globally. The site records a total of approximately 1,568,412 of unique visitors, 19, 176,288 views on-page. This is actually of the best sites to go for job searchers.

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