How to Retrieve And Recover Facebook Account - Recover Facebook Account

How to Retrieve And Recover Facebook Account – Recover Facebook Account

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How to Retrieve And Recover Facebook Account – Facebook is a very popular social media platform that can be used for a lot of things. Facebook can be used to make new friends online, you can also search for your old friends and reconnect with them on Facebook. Facebook users can also post updates on their status and on news feed, you can also view your friends updates. You won’t be able to do all these anymore once you lose access to your Facebook account, but there is no need to worry because we are going to show you how to retrieve Facebook account.

Facebook can also be used as a platform to look for dates and to find hook-ups, you can also reach out to many people in very short time given the number of people who uses Facebook. You can make money on Facebook too if you sell on Facebook, you can sell on Facebook marketplace or Facebook buy and sell groups.

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But remember it is only with an active Facebook account you can do this. If your account has been blocked by Facebook you will have to retrieve it. However, we are going to show you how to retrieve Facebook account here.

If your account was temporarily banned or disabled by Facebook. There is a solution on how you could recover that account and make it activate again. But in cases where by your account was permanently disabled the only solution available is to create another Facebook account with a new email address or mobile number. Like you read earlier it is possible for you to recover Facebook account that was temporarily banned or disabled. Read further to know how to retrieve Facebook account.

How to Retrieve Facebook Account – Recover Account

The only logical reason why your Facebook account was disabled or banned is because you violated one or more rules and policies of Facebook. At times Facebook might give you warnings before they disable your account and in other cases they just block and disable it without sending any warning. Now, for you to retrieve Facebook account it must have been temporarily blocked and not permanently blocked. However, to know how to retrieve blocked Facebook account follow these steps.

1. Connect device to internet
2. Open Facebook and try logging in
3. You will receive a prompt that your account was temporarily disabled. Click on appeal my disabled Facebook account
4. Fill in all necessary information and provide a valid means of identification.

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When the above steps is completed it will take Facebook about 2 to 7 days to review and reactivate your account. You should be patient and check your email frequently for any message relating to your Facebook account.

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