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How to Do FB Page – Facebook Page Create New | Create Page on Facebook

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How to Do FB Page – Facebook Page is a feature on FB designed to help brands, organizations, celebrities, businesses, etc. reach their targeted audience using a public profile. Your personal account is quite different from this because, in your personal account you have friends while in your FB Page, you have FANS. Your fan base is very important in growing any business or brand for the fact your audience can get to know about the latest updates concerning it.

FB Page is another means clients and brands can get through to each other at all times.  The most interesting thing about it is the fact your fans get notified any time a piece of information is being put out on the FB Page. The processes involved in creating an FB Page for mobile is different from that of a desktop. Check them out.

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How to Do FB Page (Mobile)

Once you have the FB Mobile App, creating your own page and have a customer database on Facebook is very easy, kindly follow the procedures below:

  • Open up your FB Mobile App
  • Click on the menu bar having 3 horizontal lines (For Android, it’s found at the top-right side of your screen and at the bottom-right side for IOS users)
  • Go down and click on “Pages”
  • Click “Create Page”
  • Click on “Get Started”
  • Input the name of your page and click “NEXT”
  • Indicate your page category and subcategory and click “NEXT”
  • Enter your website’s URL and tap “NEXT”
  • Upload a profile picture which talks about your brand or business by clicking “ADD A PROFILE PICTURE” (If you are a celebrity, your picture should be uploaded) and click “NEXT”
  • Upload your Cover Photo and click “SAVE”
  • Lastly, click invite, to get people to like and follow your page

How to Do FB Page (Desktop)

To create an FB Page on Desktop, kindly follow the procedures below:

  • Using your web browser, visit www.facebook.com
  • Click on the drop-down triangle at the top-right side of your screen
  • Click on “Create Page”
  • Choose your preferred page type
  • Input all your page details as required
  • Tap “Get Started”
  • Do a page review

Trust this article was helpful guys? You can also visit facebook.com/pages/create to create your FB Page.

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