How to Create a YouTube Channel

How to Create a YouTube Channel and Make Money – YouTube Account

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Do you want to know how to create a YouTube channel and make money? A YouTube channel is always available to anyone who comes into YouTube as a member. The channel on YouTube serves as a home page for your YouTube account. Once you enter and approve the information, the channel automatically displays the account name, the description and every video you upload and every other detail you upload.

There are two types of YouTube channels, they are; personal channel and business channel, but the business channel is way different from a personal channel, as the business channel if not owned by one person alone. A YouTube member can create a business channel using a broad account.

Are you out there right now thinking of how you can swing your business into YouTube? It is a smart step. However, doing this may not be as easy as it was easy to learn it. Relax – I will give you a breakdown of How to Create a YouTube Channel and Make Money.

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Benefits of Having a YouTube Channel

There have been lots of questions concerning the YouTube platform, and in this article, I will be stating the clear benefits of having a YouTube channel. Moreover, I think taking this action of getting started on the YouTube platform is trying to get out of your comfort zone and add up good and quality content in a more different way from what is offered by other members.

  1. A large source of traffic – the good side of creating a channel and adding content to the channel is that it brings more traffic. YouTube members can find and get your site on YouTube.
  2. Display more contents to the audience – one good reason to add content and videos to your YouTube channel are to give the members just what they want. When the audience gets good content from you, they tend to stay longer and would want to keep coming to your site.
  3. Serves as a source of revenue
  4. A closer sense of personal connection – one good that I have noticed about videos on this platform is that it enhances a level of familiarity and relationship that helps in building up the community of members.

If you have been thinking about how to get started on YouTube, then this article is just for you.

  1. Go to the YouTube page on and click on “sign in”.
  2. Go to your YouTube settings.
  3. Create your channel. Under Settings, you will see a list of options, select “create a channel”. Then you will be prompted to create a personal or business channel, make your choice.
  4. Give your channel a name. the options are
  5. Organization and company institution
  6. Product or brand
  7. Arts, entertainment and sports
  8. Other
  9. Click on “Done”.

And there you are! You are now a full owner of a YouTube channel.

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How to Make Money from Your Channel

  1. Once you are done with the creation of your channel, upload your contents and videos.
  2. Build up your audience and viewers.
  3. Monetize your videos and contents in order to start earning money from your videos. To do this:
  4. Go to and click on “my channel”
  5. Click on “video manager”
  6. Click channel and turn on monetization
  7. Meet up every necessary requirement.
  8. Link your YouTube to Google AdSense.
  9. Go through your analytics.
  10. Showcase your videos on all other social media sites.
  11. Become a full-time partner of the YouTube platform.
  12. Enhance the revenue of your YouTube with the service.

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