How Do I Get The Messenger App

How Do I Get The Messenger App

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Yes… How do I get the messenger app is a really good question when it comes to texting on Facebook. If you haven’t heard of or used the Facebook messenger application before, then you really have a lot to learn from this content. I really do not think there is anyone who hasn’t heard of the messenger app before.

To be quite frank, there are a lot of online servers you can get this app from. It can even be gotten from the local app store on your device. His is just to emphasize the fact that the Facebook messenger app isn’t that difficult to get but the main problem is not accessing and downloading the app. the main problem is the compatibility of the app.

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How Do I Get the Messenger App – Facebook Messenger Compatibility Settings?

The Facebook messenger app is compatible on devices with android version higher than 4.4.0. This is to say that if the android version of your device is lower than 4.4.1 you would be totally unable to use Facebook messenger. This is not the end of the game if you really want to use Facebook messenger as you can also use Facebook messenger lite as a good replacement. There are two different kinds of messenger apps for Facebook.

Each of them performs almost similar functions but what makes it different is the compatibility setting and others. Unlike the Facebook messenger app, the facebook messenger lite can be used steadily on 2g network. If the Facebook messenger app is compatible for your device, then you can use both the Facebook messenger lite and the facebook messenger on your device at the same time. All I am trying to say here is that you can use two different Facebook accounts on your device using each of the apps for different accounts.

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How to Get Facebook Messenger from External Servers

Well this is one easy thing to do. To download the facebook messenger from external servers, search the Google platform and find the server you want to download it from. To search for “Facebook messenger app” on Google you can type in “Facebook messenger app download” on the search bar and search. For “Facebook messenger lite”, search for “Facebook messenger lite download”.

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How to get the Facebook messenger app from your device mobile store

You can easily download and install any of the Facebook messenger apps from the app store of your device. To do this, follow the steps below;

  • Open the virtual store on your device. This could be the Google play store if you use an android device.
  • Now, make use of the search bar by searching for “Facebook messenger” or “Facebook messenger lite” for Facebook messenger and Facebook messenger lite respectively.
  • It a result page is displayed, click the blue chat image with white lightening running through it for Facebook messenger and the white chat image with blue lightening running through it for Facebook messenger lite.
  • When the app page is displayed, scroll down to click the install button or the button that implies so no your app store.
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Wait for the app to finish downloading and the app would be installed immediately.

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