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Are you looking forward to accessing Facebook at a low data charge? Well, Facebook is the perfect place for that. Facebook has created several means through which users can access the platform, and one of them is free mode. If you have been using Facebook before, you definitely must have heard of Facebook free mode. Well in case you are new to Facebook and you have no idea of what I am talking about, then read on. The Free Mode Facebook is a package designed by Facebook to help users access Facebook without having to make use of any form of data. It also called Facebook flex or Facebook zero.

Facebook had to work with a network providing the company to be able to give users access to this amazing feature. And this is really awesome because as a user, you get to access Facebook and manage your data. So this is really good for users who spend much on data because of Facebook. And one of the best times to make use of Facebook is when you are chatting.

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Amazing Facts about Free Mode Facebook

Making use of Facebook now, you must be making use of either the free mode or the data mode. Using the data mode means you would be charged for using Facebook via data. But for the free mode, as the name implies used with absolutely no data charge. Using the free mode on the desktop site is not possible; it can only access through the mobile app. And when using it, you can only access text with no media (audios, videos, and pictures).

Steps to Switch from Data Mode to Free Mode on Your Facebook App

Switching to free mode is very easy. All you have to do is to open your Facebook, at the top of the page you would find the “go-to free” icon, click it and you would be taken to free mode. You can also click the data mode icon at the top of the screen and you would be in data mode again.

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Keep in mind, you can as well use the 0 connection steps on the Facebook Lite app and the Messenger app. In case you’re wondering, how can I switch to enjoy the service on the Messenger app. This is very simple, connect through the use of the Facebook app. Once your app connects to the free mode, it automatically connects as well on the Messenger app. All you need to do is click the Messenger icon at the top right corner of the app.

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