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Facebook Tagging – How do i Review Tags that People Add to my Facebook Posts | Facebook Tag Settings

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Facebook tagging links a page, person or place to something you posted. When you tag someone, you are creating a link to their profile. This tagging is usually used when the post involved concerns two or more users on the platform. When you tag someone on Facebook, the post will begin to show on their timeline.

What About Facebook Tagging?

Facebook Tagging is a handy feature as it notifies a page or your friend. When you post something that pertains to them allowing them to know that they were mentioned in your post and it also notifies the person you tagged in a post, status, and update. And when a friend or page is notified that they have been tagged it rises engagement. This is because the person tagged is more likely to like or comment on the activity they have been tagged in.

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Without Facebook tagging in an activity, you could still post a comment or like the picture. But your friend on the page owners has a little chance of knowing that they have been tagged or mentioned. However, since the entire post including comments that are associated is instantly posted to the wall of whichever friend or page is tagged.

Talking about Facebook Tagging, Users has the chance to control how they handle tags. When someone tags your personal profile which is also known as your timeline. You have the chance to approve this tag allowing if you will be tagged or not. The following are steps on how to turn on your tag review in your privacy settings to ensure that you always approve a tag.

How to Tag Someone on Facebook – Facebook Tagging

Users are advised to follow the instructions given accurately so as to get a better result when tagging a user on the platform.

  • Visit the link facebook.com.
  • Enter your login details which include your username/email/phone number and password.
  • Start a post and add all there is to add on the post.
  • Tap on the “Tag Friends” button and enter the name of the friends you want to tag.
  • Hit the post button and that is it.

There is how you can tag friends on the Facebook platform. Tagging on this amazing platform is free.

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Facebook Tag Settings

Tag settings on this amazing platform are necessary if you wish to approve tags before you are officially tagged.

  • Go to the Facebook official website.
  • Log in to your account.
  • Tap on the dropdown arrow or menu icon and then on “Settings & Privacy”.
  • From the settings and privacy settings menu, select “Timeline and tagging”.
  • Under the review section, turn on the first switch. This switch is to review posts that you are tagged in before the tag is official.

And there you have it; if you are tagged in a post, you would have to verify it before it can become official.

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