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So, you’ve got an application that can connect people at the world’s end, to places where transportation cannot breach, a platform containing almost half the world’s population with its main objective as “communication”. Facebook over the years has become one of a kind when it comes to creating a social media platform, one of the software breaking and creating limits when it comes to communication. In a way, Facebook is the root of how all kinds of different social media application was created.

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Facebook stories are like a post mostly about pictures and videos, it will be uploaded on the user’s Facebook page, at the top corner. They also are other Facebook users (friends on Facebook) status there. These stories are like posts and are also uploaded but can only last twenty-four hours on the wall, you will be very familiar with it if you do use Instagram, Snapchat or WhatsApp.

How to Add to Your Facebook Story

To create or add to your stories on Facebook, after logging in to your Facebook profile, just above the “what’s on your mind?” bar, there is a circle with “your story” just under it, click on it and follow the steps from there. It’s like uploading or posting a picture from your gallery but this does not save to your profile, but stays on the “your story” icon and lasts just for twenty-four hours. There are also stories of your friends on the same line where your story is and you could view or see them if you want.

Facebook Story is one great way to tell all your Facebook friends how your day is going. It helps you give an update of your every moment as you make use of it as a tool to express yourself. You can also take advantage of it for advertisement and marketing. Add or update your FB Story can really help in growing your business.

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