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Facebook search someone is probably one of the frequently asked questions on the Facebook platform and it is becoming rapid every day. So I will like to resolve this by sharing this article with you which you will also do too for users to know about this. Well searching for friends on Facebook can be sometimes difficult. It is so due to the autocomplete Facebook does when you are typing a friend’s name and assumes you are trying to get to your friend’s timeline. Now If you are the type that is used to pressing the enter key to begin a search, this can lead you in landing on friend’s timelines when you, meant to search for someone else.

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Facebook Search Someone

Searching friends on Facebook is a great way you can build your friend list faster without a lot of work on the Facebook platform. When you build your Facebook friend list it makes you get a lot of likes and also comments when you post something on Facebook. With this Facebook search, other users too can find you on the Facebook platform very easy. This article today contains a lot of information, whereby you will also get a chance to know how to create a new Facebook account and also how to login. This is because there are lots of users out there that want to know how to get a new Facebook account.

Facebook Search for Someone

Now there are two basic ways you can search for someone or a friend on the Facebook platform. The first way or step is when the name of the person or user you are looking for appears in the autocomplete menu. The other step is when you search through the Facebook search bar, which I am going to explain. But before you can search for a friend on Facebook you must first of all be a Facebook user and also be able to access or login to your Facebook account.

How to Create Facebook Account

If you want to create a Facebook account it is not difficult although there are lots of users that find it hard when they want to create a Facebook account. This will no longer be an issue anymore if you follow the steps or procedures that are shown below:

  • Go to the Facebook website facebook.com.
  • Now to create your Facebook account, click the “sign up” button or link.
  • Also the fill in your details correctly.
  • After that or when you have done that click “sign up” again.
  • Then confirm your account.
  • Once you have confirmed your account, you can now access Facebook.

These are the steps you must follow when you want to create a Facebook account without issues.

Facebook Login 

Now if you want to access your Facebook account just follow the steps below:

  • Access the Facebook website.
  • Then simply give or type all your details in the empty boxes displayed.
  • After you have successfully done that, then click the “login” button.

These are the steps to get you to your Facebook very fast.

Facebook Search for a Person

Now if you want to search for someone or a person on Facebook then this is what you will do:

  • Login to your Facebook account first.
  • After that then you must type in the name of the person you want to search for in the Facebook search box.
  • This search box is located at the top of your Facebook homepage or newsfeed.
  • Once you see that the autocomplete menu is the names you are looking for you can easily select it or click enter.
  • But if it does not autocomplete what you want, then type in the full name of the person.
  • Then click or tap “Search”.
  • You are going to see the results given to check the names and also the image of the person you are looking for.
  • If you have not seen it, click the “See More” below the search results.
  • When seen just click “Add Friend” and you will definitely send that user a friend request and if he or she accepts it then you both have friends.

These are steps for you to follow when you want to search for a friend on the Facebook platform.

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