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Facebook Messenger App – Facebook Messenger Download – Facebook App – Facebook own chat feature previously know as facebook chat is now the Facebook messenger. Over the years the chat feature on Facebook has developed from being just an ordinary chat present on the Facebook app and facebook desktop to become what it is today. That’s why the Facebook messenger is coming your way today. on this post, you will know all that you need to know about it. Like how to download, some of its features and others on today’s post.

Facebook Messenger Download – Facebook App

As I mentioned above the Facebook messenger which was previously the Facebook chat, has undergone a series of improvements. Because there was the need to make the chat feature more fun, effective, efficient, more engaging and easy-to-use. Today it is now almost an entire platform of his own. Now both the Facebook app and Facebook desktop makes use of the Facebook messenger to chat. When using the Facebook app it is required that you download The messenger app in order to chat. but the messenger app is built in on the Facebook desktop version. However, when using the desktop version to chat, your chat history and the ongoing chat are also reflected on the messenger app.

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People always ask, Must I be logged in on Facebook to use messenger? And This is one of the questions we must address on this page. so if your question is if you must be logged in on Facebook before you can use the messenger, here is your answer. If you’re using Facebook for desktop yes you must be logged in before you can use the Facebook desktop messenger. But if you using the Facebook app and you want to use Facebook messenger it is not necessary to log into Facebook first before you use messenger. What is there is that you simply login your Facebook account directly into your messenger without having to log in to the Facebook app.

Features of Facebook App – Facebook Messenger App

We are going to be talking about some of the features that make the messenger great. These features are listed below for you to see.

The number one feature which will like very well is the chat head. These are individual chat shortcuts that are displayed on your screen anywhere in the screen, of the chats you have ongoing. For easy accessing and chatting.
Instant and direct messaging. with this feature, you can send direct instant messages to those that are your friends and also to those that are not your Facebook friends.
Messenger calling. There is an option to use the messenger app to call your friends. You can either make a video call or voice call.
It can also be used to receive your SMS and also send SMS if you enabled that option when setting up the messenger.
It is also directly linked to Facebook as you can easily check someone’s profile from the messenger app which can also direct you to their profile on Facebook.
We are going to stop there on this post. However, there are more features that are not mentioned on this post but you can use them when you download the Facebook messenger app.

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Facebook Messenger Download Free Guide

The messenger app is available for both the iOS and Android platforms. However, they do come along with some phones. while you are required to download them on others. if you would like to know how to download the messenger app then follow the below instructions to do so exactly.

Open your app store or your play store depending on the device you have.
Now on the search bar type and search for “Messenger.”
When the results comes out tap on it
On IOS tap on Get and Install on Android tap on Install and Accept

Make sure to have space on your device in order for the app to download as up is about 50mb and above. after carrying out their book procedure the app would begin to download on your phone.

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Steps On How to Set up Messenger

There are two ways to set up the messenger on your device. one is when you already have a Facebook account and the other is when you don’t have a Facebook account.

How to Login with Facebook account

To login messenger with a Facebook account is very easy actually it is the easiest. The following process shows how to.

Open the Messenger App
Now fill in your Facebook login details and click on Login

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Login to without a Facebook account

You can actually log in without a Facebook account and chat with your contacts that are on Facebook. However, this option is limited to some countries. If it doesn’t work for you then it’s not available for your country. Follow the below procedure.

Open the Facebook messenger app
Now tap on Not on Facebook
Type in your phone number to receive a verification code, and input it to confirm your number
Fill in your name and upload a picture
Tap on ok to receive notifications
Enter your phone number to use
Tap on ok to allow messenger scan and import your contacts

When that is done you will be welcome to the messenger platform and you can begin chatting with your friends that are on Facebook.

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Facebook App which is the number one social Media platform is a very strong contender and also keeping all other social media platform in check. The introduction of the messenger app also solidified its position at the top. as I said earlier the messenger app is like a platform of its own. In which you can do lots of fun and wonderful things on it most especially chat with your friends.

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