Facebook Dating Launches In Colombia – Facebook Dating Revealed

Facebook Dating Launches In Colombia – Facebook Dating Revealed

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Facebook Dating Launches in Colombia – Facebook Dating Revealed: Mark Zuckerberg announced his plans to enter the online dating realm at their annual developer conference, F8. So far, the dating service has launched in Colombia, and other test markets will likely be added soon. Right now Facebook users aren’t charged for the dating service, but that could change as it’s launched on a larger scale.

Facebook execs have said they’ve been thinking about the idea for years, and began building the service in late 2017. They acknowledged people are already using Facebook as a way to meet new people, so being able to “support that in a safe way” was a natural progression.


Hoping to change the status of the roughly 200 million singles who use it, Facebook has officially launched their dating service in Colombia, with other test markets likely coming soon. So if you want to find out how the dating service works, you’ve got to check it out in Colombia like VIDA did.

How Facebook Dating Launches in Colombia Work

  • Once Facebook Dating’s available in your area, you’ll be able to do it simply by responding to the notification in your News Feed.
  • Or you can also opt in by tapping the heart icon on your profile.
  • This will bring up your “dating home.” From there, you can set up a separate dating profile so that it will be hidden from your Facebook friends.
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Who can see your Facebook dating profile Free Guide

  • Only people who have opted in to the dating service will be able to view your dating profile, so it won’t show up in News Feed.
  • Your current Facebook friends won’t be able to see your dating profile, nor will Facebook ever suggest your friends as a possible match.
  • But you can choose whether or not you want the friends of your friends to be suggested as matches simply by toggling that feature on or off in the privacy settings.
  • As an added privacy feature, Facebook also disabled screenshots past the registration page.
  • When someone checks out your dating profile, they’ll see the basics: your first name, age, current city and photo.
  • If you choose to share it, your work, education, and a few other biographical tidbits will be visible as well.

How To Set Up Your Facebook Dating Profile – Facebook Dating Launches in Colombia

Creating your Facebook dating profile is simple, just follow these steps written below:

  • Select your gender.
  • Choose which gender(s) you want to be matched with.
  • Confirm your dating location.
  • Choose the photos for your dating profile.
  • Crop as needed.
  • Review & confirm your profile.
  • Tap the “Confirm” button at the bottom of the screen, and your Facebook dating profile is up and running.
  • Any changes you make to your dating profile won’t affect your regular Facebook profile, and vice versa. That means if you delete a photo from somewhere else on Facebook, it will remain in your dating profile.
  • And if you delete a photo from your dating profile, it will still remain anywhere else you’ve shared it.
  • The same is true if you delete your entire Facebook dating profile, which you can do from the Dating Settings screen. Anything you shared elsewhere won’t be affected.
  • Next, you’ll need to specify your match criteria in the Dating Settings.
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Facebook Dating Launches in Colombia Matches Guideline – Matches Procedures Reveal

Because it’s such a recent (and limited) launch, when you complete your Facebook dating profile setup, you’ll likely see a message like this:

Facebook is probably waiting to see how many users will sign up in each area before it starts suggesting matches. After all, the only thing worse than an empty bar is a dating site with no one on it.

But once it is fully up and running in your area, Here is how you’ll use it to get dates.

  • First, simply access your “Facebook dating home” as you would any other Facebook activity
  • From there, you’ll be presented with events in your area, as well as groups Facebook thinks may interest you.
  • “Unlocking” an event or joining a group will make your dating profile visible to any of the other group members or event attendees who match your preferences.
  • Facebook’s matching algorithm will consider your dating preferences, location, common interests, and mutual friends when selecting your matches.
  • When you tap “See Suggested Matches,” you can check out their full dating profile, and see any mutual friends you may have in common.
  • When someone catches your eye, tap the “Interested” icon at the bottom right of the screen.
  • That will bring up a text box, so you can compose your message.
  • Message exchanges will be limited to text – no links or photos allowed. Users are limited to sending just one initial message, and the messaging will be separate from any conversations on Messenger or WhatsApp.
  • If the person responds, the conversation will show up in the Conversations section.
  • You can navigate between your dating profile, checking out people who are “interested” in you, and your active conversations by tapping the icons at the top of the screen.

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