Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Apk

Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Apk

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Facebook Dating App – Facebook Dating App Apk – In the world today, online dating is fast taking over and Facebook is not left with its latest feature, Facebook Dating. The Facebook dating app apk is the latest feature by Facebook. A Facebook dating app is not a Standalone app on its own as it is embedded in the Facebook app itself and it is often called a dating feature. To access the dating, you are not required to download a separate app to use but you are required to set up a dating profile separate from your Facebook profile. The dating app is accessible to users from the ages of 18 or older.

The Facebook dating app has not yet be rolled out globally but the team is working on it. The dating app or feature was beta tested at Colombia and it has been recently launched in Canada and Thailand. Dating is new but yet has some really promising features. The dating feature would be available only on the Facebook app which is compatible with any device range such as iOS and Android devices. A dating feature is pinned at the upper right side of your profile tab.

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Facebook Dating App Apk Features

As I said, the dating feature is rising with some really interesting and promising features. The features of Facebook dating are;

  1. There are Ads or promotions popping up.
  2. It is built around for long term relationship.
  3. Will be an opt-in service.
  4. A dating profile is separate from your Facebook Profile which is really nice.
  5. Genders are not discriminated on the app. Genders as a male, female, trans woman and trans man can be found there.
  6. Profiles do not appear on your newsfeed.
  7. Matches are not made with the friends’ users already have.
  8. Communication is done via a separate messaging.
  9. Facebook dating is completely free.
  10. Being the largest and popular platform in the world, you are likely to meet your potential partner.

There are lots of more features within the Facebook dating feature.


How to use Facebook dating App

The Facebook dating feature is easy to use and free. The dating app or feature is accessible only to those with Facebook profiles. To use the feature, you would need to sign up for a new Facebook account or login if you already have an account. Signing up for a new account is free and can be done using the mobile app or website. Follow below to sign up;

  1. Open the Facebook mobile app or open your browser and type in facebook.com
  2. Type in your first name and surname on the text field provided.
  3. Then choose your birthday.
  4. Enter your email address or mobile number on the text field.
  5. Select your gender and create a password for the account.
  6. Hit on Sign Up.

The new Facebook profile will be created and Facebook will send a confirmation to you via text or email.

Facebook Sign In Guide

If you already an account, you can simply log in to your account via app or website. Follow the guides below;

  1. Access your browser and enter facebook.com or open the app.
  2. Enter your mobile phone number or email address and password.
  3. Hit on login.
  4. The profile will be loaded on the device. If you have lost your password, you can reset it by hitting on “Forgot password”.
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How to set up Facebook Dating Profile

Even as the app is embedded in the Facebook app, to use the dating feature you would need to set up a profile. Setting up a Facebook profile is simple, free and fast. To set up, follow the steps below;

  1. Sign in to your Facebook profile using the Facebook mobile app.
  2. Tap on the Heart icon at the upper right side to open it.
  3. Choose your gender and confirm the location you’re in.
  4. Tiles (12) will be displayed with each having either a question or answer.
  5. Tap any of the questions and answer the question you are presented with.
  6. Give the correct answers to the questions as it helps your matches know more about you.
  7. Add a clear photo of you for the dating profile.
  8. Indicate the kind of matches you want to be getting.
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The Facebook dating profile will be created and you can start finding potential matches for yourself. Facebook will send matches of potential partners for you depending on the information you provided them with. And that is all.

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