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There are different advertising formats that can be used across the Facebook platform. Facebook advertising format will be made available to you depending on the Advert objective that you choose. The objective can also impact the placement of your advert. I will be showing you the different Ad formats that we have on the Facebook platform. Read on to find out more.

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What is Facebook Advertising Format?

Advertising format can simply be defined as the way in which your ad is being presented creatively. Before choosing your Advert format, you must choose the objective first. Because each and every Facebook advertising format has its own Ad formats you can use, but all the advert formats are made available for every ad objective. Here are on the Advertising formats you can find on Facebook:

  • Photo Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Instant Experience Ads
  • Collection Ads
  • Dynamic Ads

Facebook Advertising Formats

Facebook Ads format makes your product look more interesting and attractive to relate with or to over. They are;

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Facebook Photo Ads | Facebook Advertising Format

This ad format is the easiest type of format to use on Facebook for advertising. It consists of a single photo, a call to action button and also a link that the audience can click on and be directed to your site. These are some of the Advertising objectives which allow this format; Reach objective, Local awareness objective, Traffic, The App installs, Engagement Ads, Lead generation objectives, Conversion, and Catalogue sales.

When creating a photo ad make sure to use clear and quality imagery. Images that can capture audience attention, tell a story and also leave the audience with a long-lasting impression.

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Facebook Video Ads | Facebook Advertising Format

If you are advertising on Facebook to reach more people, drive more conversion to your site or page, promote views and also engage with your audience. Then Video advert is the best option for your brand promotions. This ad is similar to Link ads but it uses a video. When making a video ad, use a motivational or an inspirational video to attract the audience to your site. This format can be used with any ad objective except for the Product catalog promotion. It is the cheapest of all the Facebook Advertising formats.

Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel ads allow you to make use of a combination of the ads format on Facebook. You can use up to 10 photos, slideshows, and videos all in one single campaign. Advertising objectives that allow Carousel Ads; Brand awareness, Reach objective, The App Installs, Engagement objective, Lead generation objective, Conversions objective, Local Awareness, and Catalogue Sales. This good ad for generating awareness with numerous images.

Facebook Slideshow Ads

This Ad format allows you to create looping videos or images of above 8 different photos. It is making use of images or videos to tell a story, you can decide to create a slideshow on your own or upload a video. Slideshow ads can be used with any advertising objective except Product catalog promotion.

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Facebook Instant Experience Ads

This ad type can be used with any of the ad formats you want on Facebook. It is a mobile device only experience which can be used on Android and IOS devices. Objectives that allow this Ad format; Brand Awareness, Engagement, Conversion, Video Views, and Traffic.

This format is optimized to showcase the products in action or to inspire mobile shopping.

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Facebook Collection Ads

This Advertising format allows you to combine images, slideshow or video with the product photos that are taken from the catalog. This makes it easy for the audience or customers to interact with the ad and also browse through for more products. Facebook ads objectives that you can use this format for; Conversion, Traffic, Store Traffic Objective, and Catalog sales promotion.

This format is mostly ideal for e-commerce advertisers because it allows them to show multiple pieces of the product.

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Facebook Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ad format automatically promote your products to the people who have engaged or have shown interest on your site. In the application or anywhere else. All you have to do is to upload your product catalog and then set up the campaign once. It will continue to locate or find the right people for the product for as long as you want it. Objectives that allows this format: Product Catalog Sales Promotion. Use quality and clear photos in your ads.

There are many other Advertising formats that you can use for your Ads on Facebook, but these are the most commonly used ones.

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