Evernote – How To Organize and Store Your Documents Easily!

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If you’re reading this and haven’t been paying attention to Evernote, then now’s the time to do that. Evernote is a free application for smart devices and also computers that help to organize and store everything you’d easily lost track of.

The app is excellent and works brilliantly at keeping everything in sync between your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Now, trust me when I say you’re missing out if you haven’t been using this app to keep track.


However, don’t worry yourself much because I will be sharing with everything you need to know about the app. So, read on.

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It is an app designed for note-taking, organizing, task management, and archiving. The app was developed by Evernote Corporation, headquartered in Redwood City, California.

It allows users to create notes, which can be text, drawings, photographs, or saved web content. Notes are stored in notebooks and can be tagged, annotated, edited, searched, given attachments, and also exported.

The service is a cross-platform one for Android, iOS, macOS, and Microsoft Windows. Evernote is free to use with monthly usage limited and also offers paid plans for expanded or lifted limits.

On supported operating systems, the app allows you to store and edit notes on their machine using an SQLite database in Windows.

Evernote Accounts

The platform allows users to upgrade to Plus, Premium, or a Business account. Evernote Free, Plus and Premium accounts have a maximum limit of 100, 000 notes and 250 notebooks.

The basic users of this app can upload 60 MB of data each month. Plus, users get a 1 GB upload limited, offline notes on mobile devices, as well as a passcode lock for mobile devices. Also, emails can be sent to their Evernote accounts.

The Evernote Premium users are granted 10 GB of newly uploaded data every month, faster word recognition in images, heightened security, PDF annotation, Context, where notes and news articles can be seen. Which are related to the open note and also the ability to search text within PDF documents? You can learn more about this service by visiting the Website.

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Why Evernote?

If you’re wondering why you should use this app, read on. Evernote helps people to focus on what matters most to them. Using this service, ideas become answers, where individuals organize their daily lives, and where teams come to create and share work together. With this app, you can;

  • Save everything: more than notes, it is where you can store everything from personal moments to business projects and know they’re always safe always secure, and ready whenever you need them.
  • Sync Everything: it auto-syncs across all your devices, including desktop, smartphone, and tablet. Your ideas, photos, and clipped pages are always available, no matter where you are.
  • Share everything: with Evernote, you can save almost anything from birthdays to the boardroom, keep friends, family, and team members in on everything.

There are many other things you do with Evernote, you can learn more by visiting their website using https://evernote.com/about-us.

Evernote App

With the app, you can capture ideas when inspiration strikes. Find information fast and also share notes with anyone. You have everything in one place, from meetings and projects to web pages and to-do lists. Use the app too;

  • Capture ideas
  • Get organized.
  • Access your things from anywhere.
  • Evernote in everyday life.
  • Evernote in Business
  • It also is used in education.

This app is free and easy to download and use. It has a cool and fast to understand interface that makes it easier for anyone to use.

The app is compatible with any device type including iOS and Android devices. That is to say, you can download and install the app from the App Store of the device that you’re using.

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Evernote Download

To download and install the app on your device, follow below;

  • Launch Google Play Store on your Android or Apple App Store on iOS and type Evernote in the search box.
  • From the search result, tap on the first note app to load the information page.
  • If it is the Evernote app, tap on “Install” to start downloading.

This process will immediately download and install the app into your device for your use.

Evernote Login

Logging into your account is easy, all you have to do is to provide the details that you used for creating the account. All you need to provide when logging is your email address and password or you can make use of Google to log in.

If you don’t have an account, you can create one simply. To register for an account, go to https://www.evernote.com/Registration.action. Enter your email and create a password or hit on “Continue with Google”. You will get your account immediately and you can start using it.

To learn more and also how you can use the app, visit the Evernote Help Center.

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