Dating Site on Facebook Application – How to Use Facebook Dating Sides-how to Date on Facebook

Dating Site on Facebook Application – How to Use Facebook Dating Sides|how to Date on Facebook

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Dating Site on Facebook Application – Dating Site on Facebook is one of the features included on facebook main site. You should not be surprised that Facebook has a lot of feature on its platform. Some of them are buying and selling, Advertising, Playing Games and so on. The Facebook single is only available for a single that is not married.

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Dating site on Facebook Application

This dating site on facebook helps it, users, to search for a relationship or someone to hook up with either for short term relationship or long term relationship. As we all know Facebook is one of the biggest platforms on social media in terms of connection. So if you ask any facebook user if facebook dating is available in their country. The answer is going to be yes as far as they can access facebook groups on their facebook ACCOUNT.

How to Date on Facebook

You can date on facebook in so many ways. If you are single you can start a date with someone in a dating single group only if you join the group. There you can chat up the person that interests you. And also you can start a conversation with someone on your facebook contact list. Make sure you and the person get to know each other very well. With time you can let the person know how you feel.

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Facebook Account

For you to start all this. You need to have your own Facebook account. In other to access facebook platform and find singles to date on facebook. I guess you know what that means. That is, you need to Sign Up on facebook or login if you already have an account. If you don’t follow the step below to Sign Up;
Enter the URL “” on your browser.
Click on Sign Up
Fill in your information on the provided space
Click on the Signup button.

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Facebook Login

If you already have a facebook account, all you need to do is just to log in, follow the step below on how to log in.
Open your browser and enter or launch the mobile app.
Type in your user email ID or phone number and password
Click on login.

How to use Facebook Dating Site

For you to use a facebook dating site. Is like you are creating a new profile inside your main facebook account. That is how you will be able to access the dating singles sites on the app. First thing you need to do once your facebook account is opened. On your profile icon, you will see the love icon at the top right corner, click on the heart icon and enter Facebook calls your “ dating home.” From there you are to create a dating profile that none of your facebook friends will be able to see.

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From there you will see events that are nearby and also a group that you are interested in. you can unlock the physical world events that you will like to attend by clicking on the unlock button. With that, your profile will be shared with people that go to that same event. There you will be able to look users profile to goes to the same event and also look at their profiles. From there you can start a private chat or conversation if you are interested in the person. But if the heart or love icon is not on your profile that means is not available in your country yet.

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