Conference Call on Skype

Conference Call on Skype – How to Conference Call on Skype

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Conference Call on Skype is now a thing on Skype. This is a feature on the Skype application that is greatly enjoyed by those who use Skype.  A conference call is a call between more than two persons. It could be called an online meeting. Having a Conference Call on Skype feels no different from having a conference call on any other application or device that allows it.


Conference Call on Skype

These conference calls are now often made as persons in different locations can have a group conversation (meeting). Indeed, distance is no longer a barrier. Skype works on systems and also mobile devices (that is the mobile device that permits it). Skype is mostly known for the real-time calls it allows.

This simply means persons can communicate with each other while actually seeing themselves. It is called a video call. Skype also features voice calls and exchange of messages. We will tell you more about the Conference Call on Skype on this guide.

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About Conference Call on Skype

One can make a voice conference call or a video conference call on Skype. With this application, more than one person can communicate together at a time. Conference Call on Skype is also for business meetings. This is regardless of their location as long as they have the Skype application on their devices.

Skype offers an option for large organizations (companies) with many populations to be on the conference call. It is not the regular Skype, it is called Skype Meetings. Your work email is what is needed for Skype Meetings and not your personal email. One cannot make a Conference Call on Skype without first signing up for Skype and then signing in to your Skype account.

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How to Sign Up for Skype

Knowing How to Sign Up for Skype has been made understandable and quite easy on this guide. Only your basic information will be requested to create a profile for your account. To sign up, get an active email address ready. Follow through with these very simple steps carefully and fill out your details correctly. The procedures How to Sign Up for Skype are as follows;

  • Go to “” on your browser. The Skype page would be displayed.
  • Select “Sign in”. It is at the top-right corner of the page.
  • A Sign in page would be open. Click on “Create an account” and a sign-up form page would be displayed.
  • Impute your name in the space provided for it.
  • Impute your email address and confirm it by typing it again on the “Repeat email” box.
  • Review the “terms of service” and the “Skype Privacy Statement“, and then click on “Continue” of you agree with it.
  • You will be taken to a page that tells you your Skype account has been created.
  • Select “Download Skype” to download the Skype application if you do not have the application.
  • Then, install the application.

You can now sign in to Skype to enjoy its features and make that conference call on it. There are more set up you can do on your profile and account once you are signed in to your Skype account. Do not forget your username and password since that is what would be needed to sign in to your Skype at will.

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How to Sign in Skype

If you do not know how to Sign in Skype, you have come to the right place!  Skype sign-in is super easy as long as you already have an account with them and know your username and password. Read the following steps to know How to Sign on Skype.

  • Open the Skype application on your system or device.
  • Enter your Skype Name and password.
  • Click on “Sign in”.

You are signed in just like that! Check your profile to see your details, set up your Skype account, complete your profile and also upgrade your account if you wish. On your profile, your username password can be seen and accessed.

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How to Conference Call on Skype

Now let us guide you on How to Conference Call on Skype. The following steps being stated out for you will help you make Conference Call on Skype with ease. Read through the steps to learn how.

  • Click or tap on the “Skype” icon on your desktop or mobile device respectively. This will load and open Skype.
  • Then sign in to your Skype account.
  • Click on the “Contacts” from the menu. A contact menu will be displayed.
  • Click on “Add a Contact” from that contact menu.
  • Type in the personal information of a user the appropriate text box. Click “Add” to verify the contact.
  • Skype will display the contact, then, click “Add” to add the contacts on your Skype account.
  • Add as many contacts as you want.
  • Click on the “+” icon to create a group for your conference call.
  • On the group, click on the “contacts” icon to add contacts on the group.
  • Your contacts will be displayed, then, you can add the contacts you want on your conference call.
  • Now press the blue phone icon for voice call or the video icon for video call.

And away you go! Please know also that Skype only allows a limited number of participants on these calls. Only 25 persons are permitted on a voice conference call, and 10 persons on a video conference call. Currently, 50 persons, on the Skype Meetings, is the limit.

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